Xicani® C&C

Xicani® Consulting and Coaching.

Xicani® Consulting & Coaching is a professional firm dedicated to providing personal and business solutions to develop the creative talent of top management and media.

Founded by the coach Xicani®, in response to the “generation” of new “agents of change” seeking growth in the workplace and spiritual.

We are located in Mexico City and Metropolitan Area to attend the personal projects that your company and / or business requires.

Personal, Business, Group & Life Coaching.

Xicani® Consultoría & Coaching.

The leadership programs we manage are based on personal growth, spiritual self-awareness, leadership, teamwork and effectiveness.

We seek the excellence of individuals, organizations and the community.

Our workshops are educational so they create an environment conducive to awakening and unleashing leadership, initiative, passion and individual commitments that enable people to obtain basic tools to reach a new level of success in all areas of their lives.

Our General Manager.

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Xicani®, is certified by, Central Coaching and ICMF | International Coaching & Mentoring Federation) as well as Coaching Sessions (Personal, Business), with which you will have a powerful tool to apply them in your life.

Xicani®, has the firm conviction that we are all capable of achieving our dreams in this life; You just have to find the way and, most importantly, enjoy it!

One of his favorite phrases sums up his eyes towards humans and towards the world:

“Always dream and aim higher than you know you can achieve”


How can I support Xicani® Consulting and Coaching?

(Life Coaching) (Online Session) (In-person Session)

(Session duration 1hr)

What level of stress and is not healthy ?, Do you want to overcome a difficult situation ?, Do the years pass and you do not achieve what you propose? Work on a coaching relationship, release stress, set and achieve goals as well as focus your efforts on positive results.

(Coaching for Entrepreneurs) (In-person Session)

(Session duration 1hr)

Do you want to start a business? Do not you know where to start? Does entrepreneurs cause you stress?

With the help of the coach, a plan for your venture, releases stress and you will move towards achieving your goals.

If you wish to communicate with Xicani® Consulting & Coaching for high-level and leadership coaching sessions, personal, in companies, businesses, foundations and / or schools, contact us here!