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Xicani®, is Ontological Coach, and Life Coach, (Certified by Central Coaching and ICMF (International Coaching & Mentoring Federation. And, The Nossovitch Group). It is CEO|Founder and Director of Xicani ® Consulting and Coaching. Is Speaker, Personal Improvement and Leadership. Enjoyable and motivating, transforms lives, with great knowledge and dynamic talk, has lectured at major universities in Mexico as prestigious: Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) campus Santa Fe and San Luis Potosi, at Universidad Anáhuac del Norte in the Universidad Latinoamericana, among others. And in international forums such as the RSC Action Meeting in Santiago, Chile.

“The great success of Xicani as a speaker is that it has the great ability to interact with the public and the business connected with the personal side issue.”

His conferences and workshop, have been heard by more than 50,000 people in Mexico and the world. And represent a new experience for the listener.

Who is Xicani®?

(Magistral Conference)

“People at first glance always think that the odds of being successful have to be against me all the time…”

From the minute 0, the life of Xicani has always been marked by the challenge. The first of them, “Live!”. This, his master lecture, has as a clear message, “The only limit is in you!” Live the life of your dreams!

Life is full of nuances. However, the philosophy of Xicani lies in doing what you are most passionate about, “With the soul and the heart!”

Through a “journey of life” Xicani, aims to leave a proposed message, “Yes you can!” Because, “Life is here and now!”

The Sense of Life and Happiness.

(Motivational Conference)

“Always dream and aim higher than you know you can achieve”


Many times in the following points, What is the Sense of Life? Or if happiness is a continuous state, a moment, an attitude, etc., concepts not far removed from this sense of well-being of people. Happiness is a state of mind, where the person who experiences feels full, content, satisfied and healthy.

Xicani, believes that happiness is the result of the sum of what positive activities and positive emotions are. In particular examples of the latter would be satisfaction, bodily pleasure, pride, joy, and optimism.

Through the most emblematic passages of his life, Xicani reminds us that, “Life is lived only once”

Steel Wheels.

(Experiential Workshop)

It is a didactic workshop about What is Disability? Their myths and realities, told in the peculiar and pleasant style of Xicani. With stories and anecdotes about what daily life is like with a disability, its inclusion in solitude and how to break paradigms.

Xicani® is an expert in communication and human subjects, also has knowledge and musical studies and uses music in his lectures, which are converted into an interactive experience in which the public is involved.

It has a high impact style with tremendous energy, entertaining, inclusive, interactive stroke, and creates a lasting impression on your audience.

Also seeks to project: Communication, Inspiration, Excitement, inclusion, Success, Innovation, Excellence, Empowerment, Love, Respect, responsibility and accountability.

Also, he is an active member of the World Economic Forum (WEF). He has studied Communication Sciences, Nonverbal Communication, Psychology of Communication, Speaking course and NLP.

Types of events that develops Xicani:


The value proposition that offers Xicani:

The mission of life is Xicani bring people with and without disabilities a message of inclusion and tolerance, to demystify the figure of the disabled person by removing both ends of the scale: the “poor” and the “superhero” thus pointing to a more balanced in terms of disability culture society.

Xicani seeks his message will inspire people to seek a better life for themselves and dare to go beyond the obstacles that arise in the pursuit of dreams, so imagine passing fantasies to live dreams come actually.

The advantages Xicani are:


Create a conference tailored to each organization.


Gives you the tools to apply what you learned.


The group often participates in the conference.


You share an easy model to remember and apply.


Offer creative and innovative topics.


It is inclusive, has lots of energy, is charismatic and fun.

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