Gallery: "A Flor de Piel"

“A Flor de Piel” is dedicated and inspired by People with Disabilities, to honor life, their body, and their sexuality. With my photos, I intend to show my battle tracks, my scars, to send a message of “Self Love”. And especially, with love, affection & respect, to women, yes. Why? For a reason, which is sacred to me: “To show them that they can approach me, without fear or prejudice. Because of something I am sure, I have scars, a wheelchair, defects and virtues. But also, I have a heart, equal to that of “model” men: Likewise, Break Paradigms! & “Create Consciousness” in Society. It motivates and inspires me to be that channel, to show that: “True beauty is in the body, in the soul, in the heart, and in the skin”

Welcome everyone!

This Session was taken at the facilities of the V Motel Boutique, in Mexico City. Where the room exists: Handicap Suite. Being the first hotel & concept of this type, in Mexico, to create an exclusive room for People with Motor Disabilities. Therefore, this complex was chosen to show that the places, (In this case, hotels) provide us with the options to exercise and enjoy our sexuality.

Photography and Production: Estela Que Jiménez

Production Assistant: Ismael Contreras

Model: Xicani®

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