3.0 Eagle Project

3.0 Eagle Project, is a prototype created by students and teachers of CINVESTAV of the National Polytechnic Institute. It is intended to provide mobility and independence for young people with motor disabilities.

The name of the project, born by the need to Xicani Power Stand up and be independent.

This prototype has started a drive Perform the disability of Xicani. The search of All Forms of Independent Self in all aspects, from home, to the areas where it operates. Of concern, managed to put together a UN team of experts in physical rehabilitation, orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine and engineers in robotics, a flap of entrusting the UN prototype to develop a level, and personal in future of the United Nations, can replicate one younger in Mexico and the world who have motor and desire to succeed difficulties.

The prototype is divided into three phases:
Conveyor Crane

Xicani, is clear live alone, have a family and live in the same way that anyone, which is why the first thing you looking to get out of bed with the support of this crane, which in turn, will support a move to his Wheelchair.

Hence, it transports the crane to the bathroom to be able to incorporate the wheelchair and switch to the bath chair.

physical rehabilitation center

Similarly, under the premise of having a comprehensive prototype, the team will develop a physical rehabilitation center within the same crane. This in order to have a comprehensive development that will continue to acquire greater mobility and strength, in order to exploit 100% eagle 3.0.

This physical rehabilitation center, will provide the peculiarity of regeneration mainly leg muscles. This for a time, the person can incorporate and to take steps

Flexo skeleton Eagle 3.0

This particular phase is the most important and that gives life to this project. It is a flexo skeleton, consisting of a frame Xicani bring to take steps.

This will be achieved with the mixture of pieces taken from the crane and rehabilitation center in order to get the long-awaited independence seeking Xicani, not only for him but for young people with the same strength and tenacity in his country and in the world.

However, all parts and the prototype itself, has a high cost Xicani and your family can not afford. That is why seeking the support of people like you, in order to realize this dream and thus further promote the social and labor inclusion of more people with disabilities in the world.

If you wish to join a donation and be part of Eagle 3.0 computer, you can contact us!