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I'm still standing

His name is a Nahuatl word. It means "I'm still standing”.

Xicani Godinez Lopez, he was born on January 13, 1988 in Ciudad Satelite, Mexico State. He graduated in Communication Sciences from the University Franco Mexicana (UFRAM).

Ontological & Life Coach, (Certified by Central Coaching and ICMF (International Federation of Coaching and Mentoring. As well as, The Nossovitch Group). He is CEO | Founder and Director of Xicani ® Consulting & Coaching.

His hobbies are writing, make friends, music, sports, and The Media.

Is Co-Founder of the Vuelo Libre AC Foundation: Dedicated to supporting Social and Labor Inclusion, for People with Disabilities.

He is interested in working in the media, Radio (Voiceover, creative production and screenwriting) Television (Conduction, production or creative) Cinema (Editing and screenwriting) Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter) (Community Manager) Print media.

Xicani®, a member of the Global Shapers Community. An initiative of the World Economic Forum. this community, is a network of hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

One of his biggest dreams is to cover a war and not for the war itself, but because of the large time commitment as a journalist. He features a great sense of humor and overcome every day.



The awards which have earned are:

-Two statues of gold and a bronze in the squared circle of Mexico 2011..

-Two golden statues at the Wave Festival in Rio 2012.

-A silver statue in the FIAP - Ibero-American Advertising Festival 2012.

-Recognition Silver Snail a bronze lion at the Cannes Lions 2012.

-A Silver Snail in the Microsite category, viral marketing and social networking.

These international awards, motivate me to continue my fight for Labour Inclusion for People with Disabilities, not only in Mexico but worldwide.




Xicani®, is a spokesman for ParaLife Foundation, has been working with them two years with successful results as a social movement "Letter of Recommendation". Also, along with the foundation, have given lectures and sensitization workshops.

Global Shapers

This community is formed from an initiative of the World Economic Forum, which aims to empower young people with high potential, of various social, business, political and academic, who are committed to sustainable development of our society."

in the worlds

Xicani®, is spokesman of the movement "Recommendation Letter", driven ParaLife Foundation, and with support from Publicis Mexico, have earned several awards in the creative world.